The Artists

These are the caring and considerate professional artists who donated their work to help make AnimalFundraiser possible. In alphabetical order:


Annie Appel's Oso Smartie


Annie Appel

Annie is a tremendously talented visionary photographer. In addition to powerful and original artistic photography, Annie does stunning corporate and event photography.

Contact at or 310.809.5082


Danny Butcher's Woof Mate

Danny Butcher

Danny is a graphic designer and illustrator. He has a robust style that gets attention and stands out from the crowd.            

Contact at


Sheila Cameron's Minnie w/slogan

Sheila Cameron

Sheila is an artist and designer. Her work ranges from the bright and bold to humorous illustrations.

Contact at


Clarissa Harwell's Four Greys

Clarrisa Harwell

Clarissa is both a professional photographer and also an artistic model. Her photography is compelling because it highlights the essence of her subjects. You can see her work as a photographer’s model at 

Contact at


Sara Henry's Layla

Sara Henry

Sara is a professional artists and designer. She also has the unique distinction of being the first contributor to AnimalFundraiser. Thank you Sara.

Contact at


Michelle Imbach's Animal Stack

Michelle Imbach

Michelle is a gifted artist who works in many mediums. Her delightful animal watercolor portraits and scenes of are fully of whimsy and humor.

Contact at


Laxmi Jain's Love Pups

Laxmi Jain

Laxmi lives and breathes the internet. Art, media, and design are his passion. See his interesting and unusual site for samples of his multimedia and design work.

Contact at  


Lallo Lemos' Adopt=Love

Lallo Lemos

Lallo is an illustrator, designer, artist, and web designer. His work is sharp, sensitive and has a lot of heart.

Contact at  415.225.7078 or 415.252.9826


Luke McDonnell's Best Friends

Luke McDonnell

Luke is a super talented illustrator and comic artist. You have seen his work in many places from packages in your supermarket to comic books like Spider Man and Daredevil.

Contact at  914.736.6308 


Solomon Perry's Cute Dog

Solomon Perry

In addition to being a gifted 2- and 3-D animator, Sol is an illustrator, sculptor and storyboard artists.

Contact at 818.919.3898


Deana Riddle's Blue Dog

Deana Riddle 

Deana is a multi-talented artist, designer, and illustrator whose work in any media is a delight. Her work ranges the gamut from insightful to thoughtful to fun. Her strong illustrations are imbued with a sweet sense of humor and the peaceful feeling that all is right with the world.

Contact at  757.621.1643


Teresa Tunaley's Silhouette Cat

Teresa Tunaley

Teresa is an award winning artist, and also a poet and story writer. Her style ranges from the fantastic to the fanciful; her illustrations have graced countless books.

Contact at


Dianne Woods' Peek Cat

Dianne Woods

Dianne is an extremely talented professional photographer and has a deep and abiding interest in animal welfare. Dianne’s compelling photos for AnimalFundraiser are from work done to support her local rescue organization in San Francisco.

Contact at or 510.851.2245





Thank you for supporting the artists that support AnimalFundraiser




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